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If you are unfortunate enough to become involved in a property dispute there comes a point when you need expert advice on the particular professional/technical facts of your case.

If your dispute is centered on a property related matter, then we can provide assistance in a number of areas, such boundaries, and party wall matters etc. Often a dispute can be resolved without the need to go to Court and sometimes a well timed and carefully worded letter can resolve a dispute even without assistance of a solicitor.

Getting expert advice early can help you to understand the strengths of your position and may even dismiss some of your misconceptions, or those of the other party.

The areas in which we can provide expert evidence are:

Party Wall Surveyors

The Party Wall Etc Act 1996 to give it its full title provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings.

It is based on the simple proposition that if you are carrying out work that could affect your neighbours buildings then you must give notice, telling them what you intend to do and when. If they agree, well fine, you go ahead. If they do not agree, a dispute is deemed to have arisen and Party Wall Surveyors are appointed to oversee the job and protect the interests of both parties.

It is usually the case,(there are some exceptions) that the person carrying out the work pays all the surveyors fees, so if you are an owner and your neighbour is starting a big project very near to the boundary or your building, your interests can be protected by a professional surveyor at little or no cost to you.

Party Wall Notices

A Party Wall Notice is required when anyone intending to carry out work of the kinds described in the Act must give Adjoining Owners notice of their intentions.

There are a number of different notices that could be served, it is important that the correct notices are prepared and that they contain the proper information.

We can prepare the necessary notice and serve on the relevant neighbours for you.

Costs will depend on the complexity of the case, but as ever we will provide a free half hour consultation to assess the situation and advise you of costs with no obligation. RingĀ 0151 348 4222

If you are a neighbour and you receive a notice from next door over their proposed works we can examine the notice for you and advise you on the next step to protect your interests. RingĀ 0151 348 4222

Boundary Disputes

Unfortunately, boundaries, fences, walls, hedges etc sometimes cause disputes between neighbours. This is often the worst kind of dispute to get into and the first advice should always be to avoid such disputes at all costs.

However, this is not always possible, and people find themselves at loggerheads with their neighbours. A boundary dispute can be damaging to your relationship with your neighbours, but also to your bank account. Boundary disputes, if not nipped in the bud can be hugely costly in fees paid to surveyors, lawyers, court costs etc.

We believe most disputes can be avoided, or, if not avoided, can be settled with some well chosen words of advice from someone independent of the problem. We have been mediating between warring neighbours for over a decade and have a good record in brokering settlements that avoid court cases.

Sometimes the problem is too deeply entrenched for a negotiated settlement, and what is required is expert testimony that can, if necessary, be used in court.
We can help in those situations also, and have provided many independent reports on property disputes of all types since 2000.

If you have a boundary problem, just give us a call, it could save you a packet.
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